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Sandeep K Bhat

How it all began..

I have been interested in photography and other forms of visual art for as long as I can remember. I used to use my uncle's film camera for shooting pictures occasionally, but that was more "family photo" kind of pics.

After I started working in 2003, my frequency of travelling increased and I missed having a camera. I have borrowed cameras from my friends, particularly SantM, on several such trips to satiate my hunger for photos.

At Ittiam, my collegues Vinayak Das, Abhijeeth AP and Lijo Jose were big influences in keeping my passion for photography going. I also had a lot of encouragement from my ex-girlfriend (and my current wife ;)) Malavika (the above photo was shot by her). I was a regular reader of photography sites like dpreview, kenrockwell and bythom. Finally I decided to buy my first digital camera in early 2005 and life for me has never been the same since. I also started uploading the photos from my Canon S1 IS to my dotphoto website. That site has been abandoned by me for quite some time now

Early death...

Late 2005 is when I felt that my job was getting monotonous....same old coding, debugging and customer support. That's when I started thinking of coming back to school for an MS. Under the influence of Malavika, those plans quicky changed to getting a PhD in the US. I gave my GRE in May 2006. Around the same time my Canon S1 IS brokedown for no apparent reason. I got its CCD sensor replaced, but It would never be my old camera again.

I got married in Aug 2006 to Malavika. Soon after that we started applying to schools in the US. After getting admitted to UCSB, we got busy with getting our visas done. Soon after that we quit our jobs and came to Santa Barbara. Coming to school after a 4 year break is never easy. I didn't know common differentiation and integration formulae and I was here to get my PhD :) With so many things taking priority in my life, photography was the last thing on my mind.

Rebirth and revival...

Things slowly settled down for us in UCSB. Gradually, I began visiting and reading photo websites again to get to speed with the latest stuff "out there". After months of should I, shouldn't I, I finally gave in and bought a Nikon D90 DSLR. In fact, my wife gifted it to me, and here's the caveat, on her birthday :) 

My passion reignited, I have been experimenting with my new camera ever since....
Visit my website and let me know if I've been successful. Meanwhile here's a snapshot of my work. Please click on the pics for a larger view

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My first photo exhibition

My second photo exhibition

Jul 2012:
  My Second Photography Exhibition, this time on a large digital display in UCSB's Graduate Resource Centre. Read more about it on UCSB GradPost with my interview. You can checkout the photos that are on display via this flickr slideshow.

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