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Unofficial UCSB ECE Presentation Template

Template Preview

I have made this LaTeX beamer template for doing all my presentations. I know it compiles and works well with Texshop on Mac OS X. I haven't compiled it on Windows. Please email me if you see any issues on windows. A little reverse-engineering of the tex files should reveal all the tricks that I've used to create it.



Instructions on installing and using Rapid SVN on Windows XP/Mac OS X. Hope you'll struggle less than I did when I started using SVN for version control.

I've moved on to using Git and github.  And once you use it, there's no going back....

Zebrafish Development

Stages of development of zebrafish embryo (Click on the image to download the PDF).
This chart helps me estimate the age of the embryo in hours post fertilization (hpf) and also to know what stage of development it is in. Click on the image below to download a low quality PDF (3.1 MB). You can also download an Adobe Illustrator editable high quality pdf (9.3 MB) from this link.

Zebrafish Stages

Source Code

2D Optical Flow: Modified FlowJ Plugin for ImageJ

FlowJ plugin for ImageJ (part of the BIJ plugins) is a great way for computing 2D Optical Flow for an image sequence. However, it is only capable of saving the flow overlayed on the input sequence (as dynamic color maps) and gives no information about the exact magnitude or direction of the flow at a particular point. This modified version allows the user to save all the computed 2D-flow frames as separate Barron format flow files. 

The saved flow files can then be read using the provided MATLAB script and modified as the user pleases. In the above figure (c) and (d) frames show the computed flow being visualized as quivers in MATLAB (Please click on the image to download a high-res PDF of the image). You can also compute the exact magnitude and direction of flow at a point this way. Download the files from the link below and see the Readme.pdf file for details.                                      

For more source code please see my lab website.




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