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The course links are preiodically changed/removed. Please let me know if you find any broken links. Also, the views expressed in the Material part of each course is solely my own and doesn't in general reflect the opinions of my classmates.

Winter 2011

MAT259 Visualizing Information
Prof: George Legrady
TA: Javier Villegas
Material: A class I took to get some hands on experience in Java programming. Grading based on three Processing projects and class participation (25% each). You can view my first project on 2D Frequency Visualization here. My second project for MAT259 course,  The Transactions Treemap, received  a lot of praise from Prof. Legrady. I attribute that success to use of Eclipse IDE. I also did well on my final project and secured an A grade in the course. I even got an offer from Prof. Legrady to work on including my final project as part of Alloshpere demo suite. All in all the course was a good learning experience.

Spring 2010

ECE252B Multirate Digital Signal Processing (aka Wavelets)
Prof: Michael Liebling
TA: None
Material: Nice class notes from Prof. Liebling. Weekly homework with MATLAB exercises. Many of the lectures were in podcast form, as Prof. Liebling was travelling. One mid-term closed notes/book, one A4 hand-written cheat sheet allowed, no final, paper critique. Grading was fair, I got an A :)
My final critique on "Fast Haar-Wavelet Denoising of Multi-Dimensional Fluorescence Microscopy Data" was well received. Prof. Liebling commented,
"Well written and thorough critique."

Spring 2009

ECE594D Fourier Analysis For Engineers
Prof: Shivkumar Chandrasekaran
TA: Naveen Somasundaram
Material:  Good textbook. I think some basic knowledge of real or complex analysis would have helped me understand the material better. HWs every other week, no finals. HWs were too long and too tough. Prof. didn't give solutions, but he solved many of the problems in class and was very open to questions. As with other Grad courses of Prof. Shiv, you either get an A or F; caveat, you need to really work "hard" to get an F :)

Winter 2009

ECE240A Optimal Estimation and Filtering
Prof: Ronald Iltis
TA: None
Material: Good lecture notes. Takes a little getting used to Prof. Iltis's pace of teaching. Weekly homeworks and some MATLAB exercises, but they don't count for your grade :( Medium difficulty mid-term and finals. You either get a A or B or C grade, nothing in between :(

Fall 2008

ENGR103 Advanced Engineering Writing
Prof: Ann Holms
TA: Anna Berces
Material: Weekly writing and grammar assignments. Easy course for someone with good english background. My final paper and presentation.

ECE235 Stochastic Processes in Engineering
Prof: John Shynk
TA: None
Material: Good textbook. Good set of weekly homework. Open-book in class, mid-term and final. Both of medium difficulty.

Spring 2008

ECE278C Imaging Systems
Prof: Hua Lee
TA: Tricia Fu
Material: Tough set of weeky MATLAB exercises. Tricia helped us a lot with her homework hints. No mid-term. Take-home finals which mainly involved questions related to Prof. Lee's past papers.

ECE281B Advanced Topics in Computer Vision
Prof: Matthew Turk
TA: Joriz Guzman
Material: One of the best courses I've taken. No midtem, no finals. Weekly reading of two papers. 1 paper presentation, 1 paper review and a final project (in groups of 2-3). Our project on Image Registration and Mosaicing was voted the best project for the class.

Winter 2008

ECE252 Digital Signal Processing
Prof: Hua Lee
TA: Jonathan Bourmet
Material: Weekly homeworks, including some good MATLAB exercises. Two quizzes; one cheat-sheet allowed. Finals closed-book but three cheat-sheets allowed. All of them were of medium difficulty.

ECE242A Signal Compression
Prof: Jerry Gibson
TA: None
Material: Weekly homeworks that were easy. One project/paper review. Here's my project report on SHAPE CODING IN MPEG-4. Tough open-book midterm. Relatively easy (compared to midterm) take-home finals.

ECE594Q Computational BioMicroscopy
Prof: Michael Liebling
TA: None
Material: Good class notes. Weekly homework including MATLAB exercises. Closed-book mid-term, one cheat-sheet allowed. No finals. Instead there was a paper critique exercise. Here's my paper critique on Dynamic far-field fluorescence nanoscopy.

Fall 2007

ECE278A Digital Image Processing
Prof: B.S. Manjunath
TA: Luca Bertelli
Material: MATLAB homeworks on edge detection, wavelets, corner detection etc. Good class notes from Prof. Manjunath, Luca and Marco Zuliani. Take home finals. My final project: Image Registration. Luca was the best TA ever and his discussion sessions were really helpful !!!

ECE210A Matrix Analysis
Prof: Roy Smith
TA: Naveen Somasundaram
Material: PPT based class notes. Weekly homeworks that were slightly tough. In class, closed-book exam. Online videos of Prof. Gilbert Strang, MIT was a big help.

ECE277B Pattern Recognition
Prof: Kenneth Rose
TAs: Vinay, Sharadh, Ankur
Material: Good class notes. Tough set of home works. Even tougher open-book exams.

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