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  • Sep 2013: Moved the site to
  • Aug 2013: Journal paper #4, "Pulse propagation by a capacitive mechanism drives embryonic blood flow," accepted for publication in Development.
  • Apr 2013: Joined Eyenuk as Member Technical Staff. We work on image analysis. for health and consumer domains. 
  • Mar 2013: Graduated with a Ph.D.  I am now officially an engineer and a doctor ;) Ph.D Done
  • Feb 2013: Defended my thesis titled, "Separation, Denoising, and Reconstruction of 4D Embryonic Cardiac Microscopy Datasets for Improved Visualization and Flow Analysis" 

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Welcome !!!

This is my chunk of the web. This site has information on who I am, my research, the courses I have taken, my passion for photography and more.....

In Winter 2013, I graduated with a Ph.D from ECE Dept. at UCSB. 
This site was previously hosted on\~sandeepkbhat 
Like me the site too has graduated :) and is now on 

Now that you've visited my website, I hope you stay back and visit all of my pages :)

The above image is a panorama created using 5 images. Move your mouse cursor over the image to see the original version that was "stitched" automatically using the image registration code (MATLAB) that was done as part of a project for Digital Image Processing and Computer Vision courses. The work was voted as the "Best Project" for the Computer Vision class. The original image was cropped, horizon corrected and adjusted for color, contrast and brightness in Photoshop CS3 for my flickr website (click on the above image). Malavika Bhaskaranand was my project partner and incidentally she is my life partner too ;) 

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